Business English I - Mittelstufe B1 (ausgefallen)

Successful in the global business world
>Lehrbuch: "Basis for Business" (2011). Cornelsen Verlag. ISBN 978-3-06-521005-8
Do you already use English in your job and would like to gain more confidence? Or would you like to improve your employment opportunities by showing that you have some knowledge of Business English? Come and learn how to successfully communicate in the global business world. Practise writing a professional email and speaking freely to business partners - whether on the phone or in person. Expand your language skills by communicating in realistic situations taken from everyday business life.
Auf Wunsch stellt die vhs gerne ein Teilnahmezertifikat mit Angabe der Kursinhalte aus. Der Kurs bildet auch den Einstieg in die Vorbereitung auf das "Cambridge Business English Certificate (BEC) Preliminary B1".

Kein Kurs am Montag, 30.04.2018.
Christa Burkhardt, Englischdozentin M.A.

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